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Rituals from Origin

Welcome to the Origin Roasted Experience

The Sowing Ritual

With calloused hands and hearts full of joy, coffee farmers come together to carry out one of the most sacred and meaningful rites of the peasant culture and way of life: The ritual of coffee planting. A tradition that symbolizes the hope and determination of a united people in search of a good harvest and a better future. Each coffee seed is planted with love and care, and will be cultivated with dedication and patience until it blossoms into a bountiful harvest. This is a moment to honor the land, the culture, and the history of our Colombian coffee farmers.

The ritual of coffee planting is shrouded in mystery, our farmers bless the seeds and the land where they will be sown, our seeds are offered to the earth in a collective celebration where they are blessed and offered to San Isidro Labrador, the patron saint of farmers, in gratitude under a mystical connection of reciprocity.


Prayer to San Isidro Labrador:

The prayer that Colombian coffee growers recite reflects their spiritual connection with a supreme being. 

“Oh San Isidro Labrador, you are the father of the lands, only you know them with closed eyes. We ask you to bless us, so that these coffee seeds may bear fruit in our lands. Fill them with your blessing, oh San Isidro Labrador, just as you were able to bless your own. God gave you the gift of agriculture, and we implore you through your faith, that this coffee harvest that we sow under your divine blessing, may multiply and help our families”

The Harvest Ritual

The coffee harvest is a special moment in the life of a farmer, in which all their hard work and dedication to coffee cultivation becomes a reality. It is more than just the gathering of a fruit, it is a tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation, filled with meaning and emotion for the farmers. The harvest is a sacred moment in which tribute is paid to the land and thanks is given for the crop, an offering is made to thank the earth for the fruits it has provided. The farmers call it “El Pagamento” and this is how they give back to nature a part of their harvest in gratitude, so that the “wild animals” and the land receive again the fruits that it provides and serve as food for them. In this way, a balance is created between man and nature.

With each coffee bean they harvest, they carry with them the memories of their ancestors and give life to the dreams of future generations. The rituals that accompany the harvest are a mix of tradition, faith, and gratitude, and they are a reflection of the love and respect that farmers have for their land and their work.

The Picking Ritual

The selection of coffee beans is a sacred and mystical ritual that has been passed down from generation to generation in our Santoño coffee communities. It is a practice that requires patience, skill, and a deep connection with the earth and nature.

In this process, women farmers are the protagonists and guardians of coffee quality. With their expert hands, they select the finest coffee beans, ensuring that each bean meets the quality standards demanded by Santoño coffee.

This ritual is an almost mystical experience, carried out in an atmosphere of silence and deep concentration. The women sit and, with their hands carefully placed on the beans, feel their texture and shape. With patience and attention, they examine each bean individually, looking for imperfections, separating damaged or immature beans, and selecting only the best beans for roasting.

As the women work, their minds and hearts are connected to the earth and nature, in an intimate and respectful communion. Their wisdom and experience are valued and respected by the entire community, and their role as guardians of coffee is crucial to ensure the quality and reputation of Santoño coffee beans.

This ritual is a tribute to the wisdom and experience of women, who safeguard the centuries-old tradition that has transcended borders and cultures.

The Roasting Ritual

The coffee roasting process is an ancestral art, in which the Santoño master roasters are the guardians and custodians of knowledge passed down from generation to generation. This process requires great skill, patience, experience, and a deep connection with nature.

In this process, the Santoño master roaster is responsible for transforming green coffee beans into roasted beans and finding the perfect balance between flavor and aroma. The Santoño master roaster, with their intuition and wisdom, carefully controls the time, temperature, and humidity to bring the beans to their ideal roasting point.

This process is a true act of magic, in which the Santoño master roaster uses their skill and experience to create a unique and unrepeatable masterpiece in each batch of coffee. With their expert hands and through careful observation and attentive listening, the master roaster achieves the exact point at which the coffee beans reach their maximum flavor and aroma.

As the Santoño master roaster works, their mind and heart are connected with nature and the elements surrounding the roasting process. The smoke from the roasting, the aroma of the coffee, and the sound of the beans roasting in the machine become a sacred ritual in which the master roaster honors nature and the elements that surround them.

The Tasting Ritual

Coffee cupping at Santoño is an art that requires great skill, experience, and sensitivity. In this ritual, cuppers use all their senses to discover the unique characteristics in each cup of coffee. With their cupping spoons, they scoop a small amount of coffee and bring it to their mouths. There, they close their eyes and allow the taste and aroma of the coffee to invade their senses. With each sip, they seek to discover the flavor notes, acidity, body, and aroma of our coffee.

This ritual is a true act of alchemy, in which our cuppers are the modern alchemists who transform coffee into a unique and unrepeatable sensory experience for you. Our cuppers honor nature and the processes that lead to the creation of each cup of coffee. Cupping is a sacred act that connects with the essence of coffee and its history. In each cup, our cuppers discover the secrets and stories of the beans, the processes, and the remotest places in Colombia where Santoño coffee was grown and roasted.

The cupping spoon is a magical object that plays a fundamental role in the Santoño coffee cupping ritual. This is a sacred instrument that connects the cupper with the essence of coffee and allows them to discover its secrets and mysteries. By holding the cupping spoon in their hand, our cupper becomes a channel of energy that connects the earth, water, sun, and air with our Santoño coffee.

The cupping spoon is a medium through which the energy of the universe flows and is transmitted to the coffee that arrives roasted from the origin to your cup.