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Our Special Edition


We’d love to share with you our Special Edition coffees, roasted from the origin.

  • Direct Trade with Family Trujillo
  • Single Origin Finca San Carlos Sevilla, Valle del Cauca
  • Natural Processing with double fermentation
  • Medium Roasting
  • Tasting Notes red vine, red fruit, acidity complex
  • Specie Coffee Arabica Variety Cenicafe One
  • Suggested Use: Drip, Pour Over, and Ice Coffee
  • Resealable Bag
  • 12 Oz. (340 g.)


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Our Special Edition focuses on different quality attributes to offer the most innovative coffee beans from Colombia.

A splendid selection of rare beans, handpicked from exotic coffee varieties by Colombian outstanding farmers and processed under experimental post-harvest activities, gives you a newfangled, high-quality, and unique experience.

Our coffee is finally roasted at source by a master roaster who enhances its taste and aromas.

These coffees are unique, coming from different experimental processes with differentiated and complex flavors. They are 100% Colombian and sustainable, roasted from the origin with the legacy of generations of Colombian farmers who strive to produce coffees that are out of the ordinary.

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