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Special Edition

Enjoy and share our uncommon Colombian coffees, roasted from the origin

These coffees are unique, coming from different experimental processes with differentiated and complex flavors. They are 100% Colombian and sustainable, roasted from the origin with the legacy of generations of Colombian farmers who strive to produce coffees that are out of the ordinary.

We’d love to share with you our Special Edition coffees, roasted from the origin.

A splendid selection of rare beans, handpicked from exotic coffee varieties by Colombian outstanding farmers and processed under experimental post-harvest activities, gives you a newfangled, high quality, and unique experience.

“Our Special Edition” focuses on different quality attributes to offer the most innovative coffee beans from Colombia.

What the experts say about our coffee

Alfert Londoño
Coffee Taster

It is a coffee for special occasions, to share and find a lot of flavors. It is a coffee for the complete ritual of preparation and tasting.

Juan Sebastian Gomez
Coffee Taster

It is a caress to the palate where the expression of a good Natural process is visible in a rich cup of coffee, such as its flavors of cherry and strawberry, and if that were not enough, with its complex liquor note.

Our Special Edition is for…

A person passionate about quality and creativity in every cup of specialty coffee roasted from the origin. Constantly looking for new blends and special editions to try, and values the art and technique behind each batch of coffee.

They prefer to buy his coffee from specialty stores like ours, which care about the quality and sustainability of the coffee. In addition to enjoying special edition coffee at home, they also bring his love of coffee into his social and professional life. They can invite friends, family, and colleagues to enjoy a good cup of coffee and share his knowledge and passion.

"Our Special Edition"

Is a selection of the finest Colombian coffee beans

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