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Discover the essence of Mother Nature in every sip of our high quality organic coffee, cultivated with the legacy of our Colombian farmers.

This coffee stands out for being organic and offering different natural processes and honey. It focuses on mother nature, care for the environment, fauna, flora and biodiversity. 100% Colombian, roasted from the origin and cultivated with the legacy of generations of Colombian farmers.

We’d love to share with you our organic coffee, roasted from the origin.

“Our Organic” is a selection of the finest coffee beans, handpicked and natural sundried. We store these beans for ninety days in controlled environmental conditions in order to stabilize flavors. Our coffee is finally roasted from the origin by a master roaster who enhances its taste and aromas.

What the experts say about our coffee

Alfert Londoño
Coffee Taster

It is an excellent organic coffee that stands out for its strong fruity notes. It is a coffee to commit to and support nature conservation, without sacrificing the opportunity to enjoy a good cup of coffee.

Juan Sebastian Gomez
Coffee Taster

A different and outgoing profile of cocoa with coconut bread, where the strength and intensity of two complex attributes are expressed along with fruity sensations.

Our Organic is for…

The environmentally conscious coffee enthusiast. Usually, prefer natural food choices. In addition, is aware of the importance of supporting small producers and local businesses that care about the quality and sustainability of their products. Also values the experience of drinking a good cup of organic coffee and cares about using the proper preparation methods to ensure he gets the best possible flavor and may be sharing his discoveries about organic coffee with friends and family to promote environmental awareness.

"Our Organic"

Is a selection of the finest Colombian coffee beans

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