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Direct Trade Coffee - Empowering Coffee Farmers and Consumers

Our Direct Trade


In the world of coffee, there are two terms that often come up: fair trade and direct trade. While both aim to create fairness in the coffee market, there are significant differences between them. In this blog post, we will explore the concept of direct trade and how it revolutionizes the way coffee is traded. Join us as we delve into the world of direct trade and its positive impact on coffee farmers and consumers.

Understanding the Difference:

Unlike fair trade, where multiple companies charge fees to provide “fair” guarantees in the coffee market through intermediation and certification, our direct trade model is built on fostering a direct connection between coffee farmers and consumers. Santoño, our company, engages in direct production and purchases from local coffee farmers, establishing a close advisory relationship to ensure the production of the world’s finest coffee – the renowned Suave Lavado Colombiano. We accompany innovative harvesting and post-harvesting processes, constantly striving for the highest quality, resulting in our exclusive specialty editions.

Moreover, we pay coffee farming families a premium price for their coffee. We buy the coffee at a value higher than the market reference price, ensuring motivation and acknowledging their efforts to produce the highest-quality beans that will be savored by our esteemed customers at Santoño.

Direct Relationship: Consumers and Coffee Farming Families

Fine or specialty coffees undertake a long and winding journey from cultivation sites to European and North American roasters. Often, these roasters remain disconnected from the producers, unaware of the stories behind each batch of Specialty Coffee. However, direct trade presents an opportunity for origin-to-roast connection, allowing master roasters to unlock the best roasting profiles based on their knowledge of regions, farmers, varieties, and numerous variables and stories that shape each batch of specialty coffee. This unique combination expresses the essence of dialogue between varieties, crops, fermentations, roast curves, and coffee farming families in every cup.

Ethical Trade: Solidarity in Price Distribution

Direct trade with origin-to-roast transparency promotes a fairer trade model in an industry where less than 10% of the money remains within the coffee-producing regions. Through their purchases, consumers can empower themselves, ensuring that their choices contribute to the economic growth of coffee farming families and the regions where the coffee is produced. Transparency serves as an ethical value that is challenging to achieve in the conventional coffee supply chain, which involves numerous intermediaries. By purchasing directly from the origin, consumers have the unique opportunity to learn about the families who dedicate their daily efforts to produce the world’s finest coffee – the coffee from the mountains of Colombia.


  1. How is Direct trade different from fair trade?
    • While fair trade relies on intermediaries for certification, direct trade establishes a direct connection between coffee farmers and consumers, promoting transparency and fairer trading practices.
  2. Why is direct trade beneficial for coffee farmers?
    • Direct trade allows coffee farmers to receive a premium price for their coffee, motivating them to produce high-quality beans and improving their economic conditions.
  3. What advantages does direct trade offer to consumers?
    • Consumers who choose direct trade coffee can enjoy a more transparent supply chain, knowing the stories behind the coffee they purchase and positively impacting the livelihoods of coffee farming families.


In the world of coffee, direct trade sets a new standard for fairness and transparency. By eliminating intermediaries and establishing direct connections between coffee farmers and consumers, this trade model empowers both parties. Coffee farmers receive fair compensation for their exceptional beans, and consumers gain insight into the origins and stories behind each cup they savor. Join us in supporting direct trade and experience the unique flavors and positive impact that come with every sip of coffee from the Colombian mountains.


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