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Only the finest fruits

To produce exceptional coffees, we must start with exceptional raw materials. In the case of coffee, our focus is on obtaining only the finest fruits, ensuring the highest quality for our special Santoño coffee.

The selection of coffee fruits is carried out using both mechanical and manual methods.

  1. The first manual selection takes place right on the tree, where only perfectly ripe fruits or drupes (the botanical name for coffee fruit) are harvested at their optimal maturity.
  2. After harvesting, a second manual selection is conducted to eliminate fruits that are not fully mature or “pintones,” as they are difficult to identify on the tree.
  3. Next, a mechanical selection occurs during the pulping process before the coffee is taken to the drying area.

The dried coffee is known as parchment coffee, which undergoes hulling to remove the parchment or endocarp. During this hulling process, two mechanical selections are made:

  1. Density selection or densimetry.
  2. Grain size selection or granulometry.

Both selections aim to obtain uniform beans so that during the roasting process, each bean achieves an even roast, resulting in the maximum expression of aroma and flavor in our coffee.

  1. At this stage, a manual selection is also made of the hulled beans, also known as green almonds. This task is mainly performed by skilled women who can identify defective green almonds.
  2. Once the coffee is roasted, a final manual selection is carried out to remove beans that did not reach the desired roasting point.
  3. The ultimate selection is made by our expert tasters, who determine if the coffee meets the criteria for aroma and flavor through a sensory evaluation known as the “Cupping Test.”

By meticulously selecting only the finest fruits and implementing rigorous quality control at every stage, we ensure that our coffee delivers an exceptional sensory experience.


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