Rituals from Origin


The Sacred Coffee of Colombia

In a mountainous valley, there is a town surrounded by green and fertile lands known as the coffee capital of Colombia, where the most prized and valued coffee in the world is grown, Santoño Coffee. A coffee with a unique flavor, thanks to the devotion and care that our campesinos (farmers) put into each plant through ancient rituals that are part of their idiosyncrasy and culture; sacred rituals transmitted from generation to generation, resulting in coffee beans with unique and differentiated flavor expressions that are finally exalted with our most holy ritual, the mastery of roasting from the origin.

Discover with us the sacred odyssey of Santoño Coffee Rituals and feel for yourself the power of a cup of coffee

Our Coffees Roasted from Origin

Our Origin

Our Origin

Discover the world’s best mild washed Arabica, cultivated in harmony with nature

Our Organic

Our Organic

Respects nature’s process to freely nurture flavor complexity from crop to cup

Our Special Edition

Our Special Edition

Experimenting with fermentation to offer fruity-noted coffee nurtured from harvest to your cup

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